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Best wishes for 2017!


New Year Greetings

Happy New Year!


Bonne Année


Français, anglais, pourquoi choisir!

Let’s make 2016 be the year of the inclusive “AND” and let’s forget the exclusive “XOR”

Which relations between maintenance operations and risk management?

This is the question addressed by Mrs Soumia Hadni in her PhD thesis entitled “Maintenance Impact on Safety”. On the one hand, look maintenance reduces the probability of major risk hazard for the process. On the other hand, the inspection/repair/replacement activity induces a specific risk related to the maintenance action . We believe it is worth to estimate both, at least in a rough model.

Her public defence will be held in French this Tiesday 24 November at 9:30 AM, Auditorium 5, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mons, Rue de Houdain 9, Mons and will be  open for a wide audience. Everybody is welcome.

summary is available here.

Art and machines

As the structure of Arne Quinze in Mons suddenly gained additional degrees of freedom to become a mechanism, decease it is pleasant to start the new year with admiration for the inspired works of Panamarenko, Jean Tinguely, and Theo Jansen. “The line between art and engineering exists only in our minds ” – Theo Jansen.

Have a creative year in 2015 ! Design, Experiment, Improve and Communicate!

Panamarenko Universum, Antwerpen, 3rd January 2015


Agoria – No Future without Technology

The General Assembly of the Contracting Group at Agoria was te opportunity to give a speech about Intelligent Maintenance. The discussion that followed led to the conclusion that technology needs favorable economic conditions and more support for STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) jobs and training. Here is the Presentation

A few tips to improve your communication by email

  • Define an object with right keywords: an empty object field could direct your message to the spam box!
  • Be concise! In most cases, healing only the first two lines of your email will appear! Avoid empty lines between paragraphs.
  • Clarify which action is expected from your recipient. Plan to a single action request as many users (like me!) use their mailbox as a to-do list.
  • If you request a meeting, see define and document the issues to be addressed.
  • Avoid large attached files (if their size exceeds 1 Mb, prefer a file repository like Dropbox, SpeedyShare, … ).
  • The name of each attached files must be explicit. Avoid “Presentation.ppt”, “MyReport.doc” : prefer “TurbineProject_JacquesPelton_140315”, “HCRGears_FinalReport_SHenriot_140315”. (Include your name and version date, avoid blank spaces).
  • Identify yourself with an appropriate signature (your mobile phone number will be appreciated if you fix an appointment)

Other useful links:

6 key ways to improve your email communication

What Do I Have to Do during the First Two Weeks of My Mechanical Design Project?

This post is intended for the students engaged in the Mechanical Design Projects, story 1st year of Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, pills University of Mons.

1. Write the specifications (“cahier des charges”) as soon as possible. This is an iterative process since it results from a discussion with your academic advisors. Examples are available on the Moodle platform.

2. Find as many documents as you can.

  • from Internet: no need to tell you to use Google and youtube.com. Try to keep and to update a list of your keywords and links (an text or Excel file with all references will be valuable to gather all the references). Consider pictures, images and videos.
  • from our central library
  • from patent libraries
  • from a distributor list of machines and components

3. Sharpen your pencil and produce sketches and drawings on paper sheets!