A list of industrial maintenance acronyms and abbreviations

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ABAO As bad as old
AGAN As good as new
AHP Analyticl hierarchy process
AM Asset management
ANP Analytic network process
BN Bayesian network
BSC Balanced score card
CBM Condition based maintenance
CMMS Computerized maintenance management system
CPM Critical path method
DOM Design-out maintenance
ERP Enterprse resource planning
ETA Event tree analysis
FBM Failure based maintenance
FMEA Failure mode and effect analysis
FTA Fault tree analysis
KPI Key performance indicatoir
MCDM Multi criteria decision making
OBM Opportunistic based maintenance
OEE Overall equipment effectiveness
OM Opportunistic maintenance
PDCA Plan Do Check Act
RBIM Risk based inspection and maintenance
RBM Risk based maintenance
RCM Reliability centered maintenance
ROI Return on investment
RPN Risk priority number
TBM Time based maintenance
TTF Time to failure
TQM Total quality management

New Year Greetings

Happy New Year!


Bonne Année


Français, anglais, pourquoi choisir!

Let’s make 2016 be the year of the inclusive “AND” and let’s forget the exclusive “XOR”

Art and machines

As the structure of Arne Quinze in Mons suddenly gained additional degrees of freedom to become a mechanism, it is pleasant to start the new year with admiration for the inspired works of Panamarenko, Jean Tinguely, and Theo Jansen. “The line between art and engineering exists only in our minds ” – Theo Jansen.

Have a creative year in 2015 ! Design, Experiment, Improve and Communicate!


Panamarenko Universum, Antwerpen, 3rd January 2015