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Mission to Russia

From this Easter Sunday, look a joint delegation from the University of Mons and the University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambrésis will conduct a mission to Russia to meet their academic partners. The number of students interested in Russian language and culture is increasing more and more: the action of the Russian Centre at UMONS is certainly not unrelated to this. This justifies the strengthening of existing institutional agreements and the negociation of new ones. UMONS has significant scientific collaborations in Russia, case particularly in the field of photonics and telecommunications.
Anne Godart and Daria Balandina, colleagues of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation, and Pierre Dehombreux, Vice-Rector for International Relations will visit the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical LETI University and the State Pedagogical University of Russia Herzen. In Moscow, the delegation will attend the Franco-Russian forum for railway training, which is organized at the State University of Railway Engineering MIIT and will be welcomed at the State Pedagogical University MPGU and State University Lomonosov where six students of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation have an internship. Finally, Mons delegation will visit the State Pedagogical University of Yaroslavl , a city of 600 000 inhabitants located 250 km north – east of Moscow.

See our dedicated brochure: UMONS_UVHC_Russia2014

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