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A few tips to improve your communication by email

  • Define an object with right keywords: an empty object field could direct your message to the spam box!
  • Be concise! In most cases, healing only the first two lines of your email will appear! Avoid empty lines between paragraphs.
  • Clarify which action is expected from your recipient. Plan to a single action request as many users (like me!) use their mailbox as a to-do list.
  • If you request a meeting, see define and document the issues to be addressed.
  • Avoid large attached files (if their size exceeds 1 Mb, prefer a file repository like Dropbox, SpeedyShare, … ).
  • The name of each attached files must be explicit. Avoid “Presentation.ppt”, “MyReport.doc” : prefer “TurbineProject_JacquesPelton_140315”, “HCRGears_FinalReport_SHenriot_140315”. (Include your name and version date, avoid blank spaces).
  • Identify yourself with an appropriate signature (your mobile phone number will be appreciated if you fix an appointment)

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