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Machine Design Project

The Machine Design Project is a key component of the training of all Master’s degree students in mechanical engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Mons. They have to proceed to a full machine design project, from the definition of specifications to the complete design (incuding drawing and dimensioning) of a mechanical system of moderate complexity. In some cases, a prototyping.is encouraged with the support of the local FabLab.

Industrial subjects are favoured ; individual and group projects are possible, with a preference for the latter.

Students may propose their own project, especially when they are engaged in an entrepreneurial initiative (Star-Tech, …).

The Machine Design Project may be concentrated in a single intensive semester for international students, but is now organized on two consecutive semesters from this academic year 2015-2016. The Machine Design Project benefit from the support of all staff members of the Machine Design and Production Engineering Unit and two invited design engineers active in local industry.

The objectives of the learning outcomes are available from the study programme on the university website.

There is a wide choice of subjects to be developed individually or collaoratively, from an autonomous hexapod platform to a hot wire cutting machine. Students are encouraged to submit their own proposals.