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Diagrams and symbols : some references

Communicating effectively about a technological project involves the use of diagrams. They must be as clear as possible to explain the operating principles.

Each technical field (kinematics, thermodynamics, electrical, electronics, piping, building, etc.) has its own conventions. It is not easy to handle, especially since standardization is not always complete or often remains inaccessible. The site of the Belgian Standardization Office can give you access to standards if your establishment has entered into a consultation agreement (this is the case with UMONS).

Here are some links to find the information you are looking for.

Kinematic links and power transmission components: form SCHL (NBN ISO 3952-1, 3952-2, 3952-3)

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID): NBN EN ISO 10628-2, Projectmaterials site

Electrical symbols: IEEE 315 standard

Interesting conferences

Qualita 2019 Montréal, Canada 2019, June 25 – June 28
IESM 2019 Shanghai, Canada 2019, September 25 – September 27

7 Mons’quetaires, winners of the Eurobot 2018 competition

Congratulations to the students of Polytech Mons, winners of the Eurobot 2018 contest. This international competition brings together the best 35 national teams selected during national contests: Algeria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland,Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom

Their engineering background, innovative skills and stong commitment led them to the top of the podium, and into the hearts of their many fans.

Anyone will be happy to watch over and over again the tremendous matches during the competition available from YouTube

Eight final (1:00:00), TURAG (Germany, TU Dresden) video   (188-111)

Quarter-final (1:39:00), CVRA (Switzerland, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Renens) (264-102)

Semi-final (2:15:00), Robotic Legends (France, Polytech Montpellier) (299-280)

Final (3:09:45 and 3:21:20), Polybot (Algeria, Ecole Polytechnique d’Alger) (274-107 and 162-115)

7 Mons’quetaires were unbeaten during the national and international series. This is the first time in twenty years that a Belgian teams win the Eurobot. Just keep in mind that more than 200 international teams are in competition !

Best wishes for 2017!


What Do I Have to Do during the First Two Weeks of My Mechanical Design Project?

This post is intended for the students engaged in the Mechanical Design Projects, story 1st year of Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, pills University of Mons.

1. Write the specifications (“cahier des charges”) as soon as possible. This is an iterative process since it results from a discussion with your academic advisors. Examples are available on the Moodle platform.

2. Find as many documents as you can.

  • from Internet: no need to tell you to use Google and youtube.com. Try to keep and to update a list of your keywords and links (an text or Excel file with all references will be valuable to gather all the references). Consider pictures, images and videos.
  • from our central library
  • from patent libraries
  • from a distributor list of machines and components

3. Sharpen your pencil and produce sketches and drawings on paper sheets!